The most ideal tablets for students in 2022

The top tablets for students can be ideal for study, whether you’re in university, college or even school. Some of them are powerful enough to compete with laptops, offering a super portable method of studying on the go. Their touchscreens and stylus support allow them to be ideal for note-taking and sketching with an adaptable keyboard, you could even use one of the top tablet devices for students to create assignments.

There are plenty of possibilities of the best tablets for students , based on the amount of power that is required. Students who are in courses that need to use programs that require graphic graphics, might choose powerful tablets like the iPad Pro or Surface Pro. For those taking other programs that don’t require to run a program that is resource-intensive there are many more cost-effective options.

Below We’ve picked the best tablet option for students from both sides of the band, including choices including Apple, Microsoft and Samsung, as well as Chromebooks. We’ve examined the pros and every tablet in the context of the usage of students, paying attention to build capabilities, portability and battery link website Our decisions are based on our reviewers’ opinions on the various tablets as well as suggestions from our contacts, the stated specifications and user reviews (see the way we test for more details about our test procedure).

If you’re sure you do not need an iPad If you’re not sure, you may want to check out our list of the best iPad alternatives. You can also find models that have been refurbished found on this list. prior to buying them, we’ve written a guide to buying refurbished tech.

The best tablet for students: available now

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01. Apple iPad Air (5th Gen, 2022)


Weight: 462g

Dimensions 9.74 by 7.02 3.02 0.24 inches

Storage: 64GB, 256GB

Screen size: 10.9-inch

We were huge admirers of the 2020 iPad Air, and we considered it to be the best tablet for kids since the time it came out. The new Apple iPad Air (5th Gen, 2022) has snatched away its predecessor’s crown with an extra level of power that’s very close to making it the iPad Pro. It’s powerful, slim and light device that’s equipped using Apple’s own M1 processor, which is the main advancement over the model before it.

When we looked at it, we discovered that this processor update makes the iPad Air capable of handling nearly any task that is put in front of it, including the most popular artist apps such as Procreate and the best application for video editing. In light of the fact that it’s more affordable than an iPad Pro, for us this makes it the best tablet for students in general.

We found the screen to be crisp and vivid and the front camera and USB-C has been upgraded over the previous models (there’s also the option of 5G connectivity). Furthermore, the new iPadOS includes desktop workflows that include multiple work windows , which can be faster at work.

02. iPad Mini (6th Gen, 2021)


Weight: 293g

Dimensions: 195.4×134.8×6.3mm

Screen dimension: 8.3-inch IPS LCD

Storage: 64GB/256GB

Since it gained Apple Pencil support the iPad Mini is a regular fan of ours. the September 2021 update made it an even better alternative, with the addition of Apple Pencil 2 compatibility. The iPad Mini also received an improvement to the processor which makes it a pretty powerful compact small device.

The tablet is based on a revamped version of the A15 Bionic chip that is capable of delivering powerful processing. And while some users may feel frustrated because of the only 4GB RAM though, in reality it’s enough for most tasks you’d prefer to perform on a display this small. The slim size and the light weight (less than 300g) make the tablet perfect for those who travel especially on transportation.

The tablet has a welcome USB-C port, which can open up many possibilities. As an example, when we looked at the tablet, we used it with a USB Audio DAC for listening to Apple’s Lossless Hi-Res music, and using the USB microphone to record the voiceover. The screen is slightly bigger than the last iPad Mini, even though its overall size is smaller having a 3:2 ratio. The brightness we tested proved to be extremely even and comfortable to use over long durations and we were impressed with the colour accuracy. Although you’ll pay for a premium Apple cost, we’re of the opinion that the iPad Mini 2021 delivers an excellent value for money.

03. iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)


Weight: 682g

Dimensions: 280.6 * 214.9 x 6.4mm

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB

Screen size: 12.9-inch

The big appeal of the iPad Mini is its portability it’s a great tablet for traveling, but if your subject is one that requires power (and that you’ve got a higher budget) it is recommended to buy buying the iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) as the top tablet for students for those on creative courses. As the Apple’s most powerful tablet however, it’s not available at any student-friendly pricing however you’ll be getting an iPad that can take on all of the demanding visual work tasks using almost MacBook-like performance. It can be used with an input device and keyboard, and you can utilize it as a portable laptop.

The HDR display is one of the most impressive one we’ve had on any tablet, with 120Hz of refresh and a resolution of 2048 x 2732. Its peak brightness is 1600nits, and thanks to better control of the local dimming feature, it’s more comfortable to stare at for longer periods. We found darker areas to possess more nuance and depth to them. This results in an overall more detailed and accurate image that’s ideal to edit video or photos.

Of course, we hesitate to recommend it as the best tablet for college students because of the price, and we’d suggest paying for if you are really in need of the specs you require to run powerful editing applications. In this regard, it shouldn’t disappoint.

04. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra


Weight: 726g

Dimensions: 326.4 * 208.6 x 5.5mm

Screen size: 14.6-inch

Storage: 128GB – 512GB

If you’re looking to buy an Android tablet but need ample power, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra delivers thatand at an affordable price considering its specs. You’ll get a large screen , which is 14.6 in. This is a dwarf of the size of the iPad Pro. This makes it an excellent option for those wanting to draw notes or sketches with the S Pen stylus, which is included in the standard which makes it a great price for a tablet of the highest quality.

You can take the specs up to some pretty powerful models too, with up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Of course, the dimensions make it heavier than most of the other options on our list of the top tablets that are suited for students. It’s not much more portable. However, we were impressed by the slim, sleek style when we reviewed the tablet, and found the blazing screen perfect for watching movies and even editing photographs. If you’re not looking for these specs on the Ultra model, then you can look at the more affordable standard Tab S8.

Note that there have been issues with availability in the US because of the demand, but Samsung’s Samsung store does now have stock available. There are also import-friendly options available on Amazon.

05. Microsoft Surface Pro 8


Weight: 890g

Dimensions 28.7 1 x 20.8 x 0.93cm

Screen size: 13-inch

Storage: 128GB – 1TB

If you’re looking to buy the iPad or Android tablet, then you’ll be able to locate all the applications you require in their respective stores. However, if the course you’re taking needs full desktop software rather than mobile-friendly versions, the Microsoft Surface Pro could be the perfect student tablet for you. Surface Pro Surface Pro is a Windows PC with tablet-like capabilities that means you are able to work with desktop software like full-fat Adobe Photoshop and other Creative Cloud programs, without having to worry over whether they’ve got all the features you need.

Its Surface Go 3 below is considerably less expensive and therefore a good student choice for general use however, if you require tablets that run desktop applications without having to breathe every now and then and then, the Surface Pro could be your new most trusted companion. After we reviewed it, we observed that the improvements made over the previous Surface Pro 7 to be much more notable in both aesthetics and performance.

The Surface Pro 8 is designed to display Windows 11 and it does that with aplomb thanks to stunning display and a powerful processor. Couple it with a Type Cover to get an experience that could stand in the same way as a laptop while being smaller and lighter. Life is excellent as well. There are different configurations available to choose from, which allows you to go for a less powerful RAM or storage space to cut costs. This is going to be expensive for students however, it’s the perfect time to invest in this 2021 device because it’s getting regular discounts now that the Surface Pro 9 is coming out.

06. HP Chromebook x2 11


Weight: 0.56 kilograms (1.99 kg with keyboard and stand)

Dimensions 25.25 and 17.66 inches 0.75 cm

Screen size: 11-inch

Storage: 128GB

Its HP Chromebook x2 11 is a smart little Chromebook that can provide the best of both worlds: it’s a tablet for note taking, web-browsing video streaming and digital art and can be transformed into an adequate laptop to write and productive work once its neat keyboard is clicked in the proper position.

When we conducted our HP Chromebook x2 11 review it was found to be extremely adaptable. We were just as pleased to use it on the go as a tablet as well as on desktops as an laptop. Its 2K QLED screen and cloud-focused setting proved excellent for gaming and streaming video. Any student who has the Xbox Game Pass account will find it useful during the writing and class.

Of course, this is an Chrome OS device. It isn’t the only caveat. it runs apps via the Google Play Store rather than fully-loaded software like Surface Go from Microsoft. However Google’s very own suite of applications – such as Docs, Sheets, etc . – make excellent alternatives to Word as well as Excel. The data is also saved and is saved to the cloud. You can access your work anywhere you’re connected to the internet.

07. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite


Weight: 476g

Dimensions 244.5 x 159.5 x 5.7 mm

Screen size: 10.4-inch

Storage: 64GB/128GB

We’ve already been recommending the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra above as the ideal tablet to students who are looking for an excellent Android device with a budget cost. If you’re not interested in those specifications (or you don’t have the need for such an expansive tablet) You could save money by going for an older, more budget Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab 6 Lite has been in use for a while, but you have the option of purchasing it on the internet, usually at a very tempting price. It’s still capable of providing decent performance and build quality, and again, it comes with the S-Pen with the included. While it’s not quite as good as some of more advanced styluses, it’s adequate for note-taking and drawing.

08. Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)


Weight: 355g

Dimensions: 202×137 x 9.7mm

Screen size: 8-inch

Storage: 32GB/64GB

If you’re not able to afford a lot of money for an iPad, don’t be discouraged. Though you’re not likely to get iPad Pro-level performance out of a low-cost tablet used by students you choose to go with the moderately priced Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what it can accomplish. Despite its modest price, it’s packed with good options, and is significantly better than its predecessor.

If you frequent Amazon frequently and have a Prime membership you’ll discover plenty to enjoy with this tablet and it’ll run a variety of apps to aid you with your studies . It also can be used for word processing and spreadsheets. It’s also an excellent performer in the realm of entertainment. For entertainment, there’s Amazon Prime, of course but also Netflix in addition to Disney Plus, and they all run very well and look amazing on the 8-inch screen. If you want to buy a tablet but don’t need to pay a lot of money, this is an excellent alternative for your budget.

Be aware that for Amazon Fire tablets, the number is a reference to the size on the tablet (as in contrast with Samsung, Microsoft and Apple tablets in which the number refers to the generation). If you require a larger tablet, then there’s Fire HD 10, which is the Fire HD 10, but we prefer this model because of its size.